The Medelast W.O.W. Gauze bandages are made of pure absorbent cotton gauze as per BP/USP


--Different Threads: 21'sx21's, 32'sx32's, 40'sx40's etc.


--Different meshes: 30x20, 28x24, 26x18, 19x15 and 20x12 mesh etc.



    Width: 1"(2.5cm), 2"(5cm), 3"(7.5cm),4"(10cm), 6"(15cm) etc.

    Length: 4.5m, 5m, 9m, 10m or 10yards etc.

    *Special sizes of the cutting gauze bandages also can be made as per client's request


--Packing: individual rolled, 10rolls or 12rolls/white(or blue) paper pack