The Medelast ® Cartoon Kid Plaster is made of foil with funny pictures, water and dirt repellent. With absorbent pad which is specially coated therefore it won't glued to the wound.


  • Strong adhesive ability(medical adhesive)

  • Ethylene oxide sterilization

  • High permeability and Stretchy

  • Latex free to minimise allergic reactions.

  • Strong absorbency to clean the wound noxious substances around wound, blood and effusions can be absorbed in fiber micropore rapidly and completely.

  • Low sensitization, no stimulation to the skin, soft and comfortable.

  • Provides long last waterproof and breathable

  • Very convenient for users to use and store

  • A must have for any first aid kit

  • Anti-bacterium

Sizes Available(mm) :

φ22, 40x10, 38x19, 38x38, 60x17, 65x19, 65x40, 72x19, 76x19, 72x25, 76x25, 76x30, 76x50, 100x50


Bulk/Paper box/Plastic case/Tinplate case