Product Advantages

  1. Patent cut line design, easy to use, torn neatly;

  2. Patented design of pre-cut, can be cut in any length by hand, meanwhile keep appropriate tensile strength of the tape;

  3. Gentle on the skin, painless to remove and not damage the skin;

  4. Good stickness, waterproof, no edge warped. Compare to non-woven silicone tape, it can soak into water for times, for example swimming and so on;

  5. It's softer and better adhesion compared to normal non-woven silicone tape;

  6. Reusable, does not stick to hair, and no residue.


Product Usage

  1. Very good for use on patients where the skin condition is poor, sensitive,fragile, or need to replace the dressing in the same skin place, such as the patients need radiation therapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, new-born baby and also the infant;

  2. Applicable to variety of in-dwelling catheters, electrodes, or other external fixation that requires gentle but robust skin protection and adhesion;

  3. Protect the skin which have the risk of ulcer of catheters, or the skin need to be radiation therapy.



  1. Can not be used with oxidant, such as hypochlorite solution and hydrogen peroxide solution;

  2. The patients who are allergic to silicone should be use with caution.


Sizes & Packing

2.5cm*1.5m12rolls/box, 10boxes/ctn
5cm*1.5m6rolls/box, 20boxes/ctn
Or customized


*The sample is free, only the delivery fee is charged.

*Specification and package can be customized.